Home care training

Your nanny will receive:
• Home Care Certificate
• Training Manual


• General Cleaning Tips
• Sorting Clothes for Washing
• Handling of Stains on Clothes
• Hand Washing vs. Machine Washing
• Packing of Clothes in Cupboard
• Making Beds
• Cleaning Floors (Washing, Sweeping, Vacuuming)
• Cleaning Bathrooms
• Cleaning Kitchens
• Washing Windows
• Ironing
• Dusting
• Working with Washing Machines, Tumble-Dryers and Dishwashing Machines
• Cleaning and Defrosting Fridges and Freezers
• Setting Up a Cleaning Roster and Planning for the Week/Month
• Managing a Shopping List
• Personal Hygiene
• Safety Around the House

We also offer an in-home cleaning course for  R3 700.00

Our HOME CARE (Household Management and Cleaning) Course is 100% practical, with practical assessment at the end of the course. This Course runs every two consecutive Fridays.

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